Nov 23
SMG Holiday Guide to DOT Compliance, Transportation Safety, DOT Fleet Maintenance and DOT Safety Compliance.

SMG’s Holiday Guide to DOT Compliance & Transportation Safety

As we enter the Holiday Season, we acknowledge it’s a great time of year for celebration. However, it’s much easier to enjoy the season when you have the peace of mind that comes with DOT Compliance and Transportation Safety.

It’s also a busy season and especially with so many of us sharing the road, Transportation Safety is critical. Vehicle accidents can make your business vulnerable to compliance audits and fines. It’s a good time year to follow some basic compliance tips:

  1. Audit your Driver Qualification Files for gaps, especially personnel having violations or accidents
  2. Perform safety talks with fleet drivers concerning regulations with HOS and Vehicle Inspections
  3. Review your DOT Fleet Maintenance files to ensure preventive maintenance is current
  4. Ensure D&A random sampling meets the annual DOT requirements, Drug 25% & Alcohol 10%

All of us at SMG hope you have a safe Holiday Season, and we’d be privileged to assist with verifying your company’s DOT Safety Compliance!