About Us

For two decades, Safeway Management Group (SMG) has been an outsourced solution for safety, quality and compliance support.

We specialize in facilitating our concepts to ensure customers’ regulatory and process compliance, while enabling them to focus on key business operations.

Although we provide effective software products, SMG is first and foremost a customer service business. We understand our customers have many technology choices, but no one in the business matches our expert support toward making the product work for the customer. Our dedicated staff is proud to brand us the “Software-Plus Company”.

Through our Administrative Support and Consultation we’ve fostered long term relationships with customers by leveraging our products to support their specific needs.

Our Values

Whether it’s Safety, Quality or Compliance, we’re committed to helping our clients make these programs integral to daily operations. It’s our goal that every service we provide, for all our clients, wholly meets their requirements.  The customer commitment from staff and leadership is genuine and our assured deliverable is performance effectiveness!

We always operate amicably and ethically, within the parameters of regulatory requirements, customer’s standards and our own personal integrity. These are the values that define SMG and they will never be compromised.

Businesses we service:

Food Service Distribution Centers & Restaurants
Supermarket Distribution
Produce Distribution
Bakery Distribution
Food Manufacturing
LTL Carriers

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