Administrative & Consulting Support

SMG is first and foremost a customer service business and we validate this through our Administrative Support and Customer Consultation.

We understand our customers have many technology choices, but no one in the business matches our expert support toward making our products effective for customers. Our dedicated staff is proud to brand us the “Software-Plus” company.

We’ve fostered long term relationships with customers who utilize our staff to ensure the software we provide them is best leveraged for their individual needs.

Customer Consultation

Once you subscribe to one of our products, you join our customer family, which ranges from formidable to diminutive companies.  Regardless of the size your business or the product you use, you’re important to us and we respond accordingly.

Our team of professionals are available to you for regulatory, product or other relative questions.  You can call us anytime and if you don’t reach us immediately, we’ll respond ASAP to get you an answer. Our consultation is free, we consider it rudimentary service.

Administrative Support

Administrative Support goes well beyond consultation. This is our elite service level where our staff facilitates activities on your behalf. They assist your personnel with scheduling activities, meeting preparation and even data entry.

We also ensure the accuracy of documentation and completeness of tasks. Our job is to maximize the effectiveness of the software you’ve subscribed to.

Administrative support activities Include:

Transportation Safety

Complete Software Administration
Full Access
Accident & Observation Processing
Root Cause & Corrective Action Determinations
Document Uploading & Current Data Maintenance
Reports On Customer Request
Monthly Safety Tips

Health & Safety

Complete Software Administration
Incident & Observation Processing
Safety Meeting Preparation & Minutes Archiving
Root Cause & Corrective Action Determination
OSHA Recordkeeping
Site Inspection Creation & Review
Distributes Monthly Safety Tips

File Maintenance

Regulatory Compliance File Maintenance
New Hire Files Preperation
FMCSA Complaint Files
(inc. Pre-Employment, D/A results, MVR and Past Employments Requirements Processing)
Personnel & I-9 Files (inc. Conducting E-verify & Background Screening)
Driver Annual Review Processing
Compliance Gap Analysis

Document Control

Change Request Accuracy & Compliance Monitoring
Revision Log Uploading & Maintenance
(All Policies & Associated Records)
Criteria Development for Policy Auditing

Quality Control

System User Activity Frequency & Compliance Monitoring
Finding Based Training Schedule & Maintenance
Self-Assessment Compliance Monitoring
System Use Gap Analysis (Actual vs. Desired)

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