To start the training it’s as simple as entering the training code provided, along with your employee number. Training is accessed directly through our website. Lesson plans have unlimited viewing for the scheduled day and cover topics such as Warehouse Safety Training Program.

On Demand Training:

Lesson plans are available through our web library and can be purchased On-Demand. The library includes a description, duration, and price per trainee. Just select the lesson from our Training Library and you’re ready to start training.

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Customers also have the option of using our safety training software for scheduling and maintaining records. See our service levels to learn more.

Our E-Training library includes:

Employee Orientation
Safety & Compliance
Quality Management Systems
Transportation Specific
Warehouse Specific

This Training Module provides entry-level personnel a fundamental understanding of company systems and expectations. Specific lesson plans are selected that meet regulatory compliance, minimum performance standards and safety requirements.

Lesson Plans include:

Workplace Harassment provides an understanding of the company’s workplace harassment policy including their position concerning incidence, reporting protocols and support available to employees.

Workplace Harrassment

Duration: 23:17      Total Questions: 10

Drug Free Workplace provides an understanding of the company’s Drug & Alcohol policy. Elements include policy description, regulatory requirements, detection methods, testing protocol and the employee assistance program.

Drug Free Workplace

Duration: 14:25      Total Questions: 10

This Training Module provides personnel important safety and regulatory compliance to ensure employees are prepared to face workplace hazards, evacuation procedures and injury prevention requirements. This module is typically part of employee orientation and was designed for continuing workforce training.

Lesson Plans include:

Incident Response & Emergency Evacuation

This lesson plan provides an overview of the Incident Command System and training for Emergency Evacuation. Details include Incidence Management, Reporting & Response, Prevention and Emergency Evacuation

Emergency Response

Duration: 19:14      Total Questions: 10


Health & Safety Program Introduction

This lesson plan provides employees an overview of the company’s safety program. Details include Injury Reporting & Investigation, Restrictive Duty Policy, Safety Communication, Monitoring Activities and Safety Accountability.

Health and Safety

Duration: 23:09      Total Questions: 10


Allergen Awareness

This lesson plan provides insight on known allergens and the affects they can have. It describes Cross Contamination Methods, Handing and Release Procedures.


Duration: 11:34      Total Questions: 10


Injury Prevention – Employee Wellness

This lesson plan provides employees important information with maintaining wellness in the workplace and in their personal lives. It includes Stress Management, Body Mechanics, Ergonomics, Safe Lifting Techniques and Pre-work Warm Ups and Stretches.

Employee Wellness

Duration: 29:45      Total Questions: 15

  • Injury Investigation
  • Injury Reporting and Recordkeeping
  • Safety Meeting and Communication
  • Site Inspections & Observations
  • Hazard Communication (HAZCOM)
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Lock Out / Tag Out
  • Personnel Protective Equipment

This training is used to prepare employees for the company’s Quality Management Systems. It includes the purpose, key definitions and specific responsibilities of the quality requirements throughout the distribution process. QMS training was developed from regulatory compliance and would include customer supply chain requirements.

Lesson Plans include:

Quality Management System Introduction

This lesson plan will provide employees an overview of the Quality Management System. Topics covered include the Standard Operating Procedures, Good Distribution Practices, Food Safety, Continuous Improvement Processes and Incidence Management.

Intro to QMS

Duration: 24:34      Total Questions: 10


Good Distribution Practices

This lesson plan explains specific practices used throughout Distribution Operations. Examples include Glass Policies, Chemical Use, Fresh Protein Protocols, Black Light Inspections, etc.

Good Distribution Practices

Duration: 23:32      Total Questions: 16


Inbound Supply Standard Operating Procedures

This lesson plan defines processes required to ensure Product Security and Quality Standards are being met when receiving product from suppliers. Training includes Process Application, Manifest Review, Trailer & Product Inspection Processes, Corrective Action Protocols and Responsibilities.


Duration: 20:43      Total Questions: 12


Storage Standard Operating Procedures

This lesson plan explains storage practices of products from product receipt to loading. Training includes Stock Rotation Practices, Product Handling, Temperature Control, Product Integrity and Corrective Action Responsibilities.


Duration: 22:00      Total Questions: 12


Loading Outbound Supply Standard Operating Procedures

This lesson plan defines the loading process for Outbound Supply. Training includes Trailer Preparation, Trailer Pre-cooling, Loading Protocols, Dock Security, Cold Dock Management, CTM Procedures and Responsibilities.

Loading Outbound

Duration: 17:14      Total Questions: 15


Outbound Supply Standard Operating Procedures

This lesson plan defines processes related to Customer Deliveries. Training includes Pre-Delivery Processes, Product Inspections, Trailer Off-loading, Returning Materials and Responsibilities.


Duration: 25:39      Total Questions: 15

This module provides training for the Professional Driver. It includes lesson plans relating to both Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation Compliance and Company Safety Requirements and Expectations.

Lesson Plans include:

  • Defensive Driving
  • Accident Reporting
  • Delivery Processes
  • Hours of Service
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Report
  • CSA Overview
  • Hazmat
  • Drug & Alcohol

This module was developed to provide all warehouse and operations personnel with the requisite knowledge and skills to ensure a safe and orderly work environment. It includes customer and regulatory expectations.

Lesson Plans include:

Industrial Powered Equipment

This lesson plan defines the basic elements for safe operation of industrial powered equipment used for warehouse operations. Training discusses Equipment Types, Pre-operational Inspections, Load Handling and Placement.

Powered Industrial Equipment

Duration: 16:06      Total Questions: 19

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