OSHA Health & Safety Software, OSHA Compliance Software, HIPAA, Workplace Safety Software and SMG Reporting

SMG’s Health & Safety Software, Workplace Safety Software, Workplace Management Group Software, and Warehouse Safety Program will help manage your organization’s safety program through accountability, preventability, OSHA required documentation, Safety & Compliance Training and increasing safety awareness.

Create a customized web-based workplace safety system by choosing from the features below. All modules are fully integrated and OSHA compliant, including dashboards and report generation.

Health & Safety Module

Track and maintain your entire safety program including all injuries, safety incidents, site inspections and observations. This includes incident reporting, a safety meeting builder and site inspection manager.

Safety & Compliance Training Module

Provide E-Training for all your employees with lesson plans relating to OSHA compliance and your company’s safety requirements and expectations. Monitor training through scheduling, testing, refresher and orientation training.

Our OSHA Workplace Safety Software provides you with industry leading solutions.
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